How Fear is Killing Your Investment Portfolio

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In his first inaugural address Franklin D. Roosevelt astutely said, “let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” I think this applies to every aspect of life but especially so when investing. Fear prevents you from taking the risk necessary to achieve your investing goals.

In this blog, I will explain how fear is killing your investment portfolio and what to do about it. Read More

WANTED: Extreme Ownership

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Take a brief look at the posts scrolling through your timeline and it won’t take you long to find someone looking to pass the blame. What ever happened to personal responsibility?

Whether it’s government, business or personal finances, our society needs a mega-dose of something called Extreme Ownership. Read More

“Big League” Tax Plan

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Welcome To The Big Leagues

The Trump administration Wednesday unveiled their new tax plan dubbed, “the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country,” said Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Here’s what we know so far and how it affects you and your money. Read More

Schneider National IPO – 5 Things to Think About (To Avoid Costly Mistakes)

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Schneider National IPO – 5 Things Employees Should Think About (To Avoid Costly Mistakes)

Green Bay’s Schneider National is set to conduct an estimated $520 million to $580 million initial public offering of common stock. For employees of Schneider, it means planning ahead to handle this significant financial event. When you first hear that the company you work for is having an IPO, you might feel some confusion and have questions regarding how you’re affected. I’ve found that planning ahead of time can alleviate these feelings and answer your questions. I’ll cover 5 things you should be thinking about. Read More