What’s The Difference Between Broker And Investment Advisor?

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If you’re like many people, financial planning and investment management are not things you want to spend a lot of time on, but you still want great outcomes. As a result, you’ve probably interacted with a broker, investment advisor or a dually-registered advisor (someone who is both a broker and investment advisor). It may have been a friend or someone you’ve never met. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to tell whether the person you are dealing with is looking out for your best interests. When evaluating a prospective financial professional, it comes down to three things:

  • What services do they provide?
  • How are they compensated?
  • What is the financial incentive for providing that service?

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I Switched Jobs. What Do I Do With My 401k?

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With the average person changing jobs between 10 and 15 times throughout their career, deciding what to do with your old 401(k) after you quit one job for another can be a tough decision. The right answer for you really depends on your situation. We’ll go through the different options available and highlight some key points to consider before you make your decision.

When you do decide to leave your job, you generally have 4 options with your 401(k) money.

  • Leave the money in the old 401(k) plan
  • Cash in the old 401(k)
  • Rollover the old 401(k) to the new company 401(k)
  • Rollover the old 401(k) to an IRA with or without an investment adviser

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Why The ROTH IRA Is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

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Velcro. Internet. Two-ply toilet paper. Many things have claimed to be “the greatest thing since sliced bread.” Sliced bread was invented in 1928 by Otto Frederick Rohwedder from Davenport, Iowa. Alright ‘Merica! How did they survive before 1928?? Another blog topic I suppose. But today I want to talk and explain to you why the Roth IRA is, in fact, The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.

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Dude, Where’s My Money?

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Do you ever find yourself with more month than money left? Hopefully not, but if you do you are not alone. This is how most people live. But this tragedy can be avoided. How, you ask? Well today we are going to discuss the “B” word…

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2 Reasons To Ring In The New Year With Cash (Not Stocks)

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Happy New Year!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne?

Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns

We all know the song. That traditional song sung on New Year’s Eve asks the rhetorical question, “Should forget our friends and times of long ago?” And just like we shouldn’t forget the times or people of old, we shouldn’t forget the investment lessons of old. So while the stock market was probably the last thing most people were thinking of on December 31st, 2015, I couldn’t get my mind off of it. It was the “lessons of old” that had drawn my attention and had me watching closely and then taking action, while many were out-of-office and thinking about festivities. Read More