Your first meeting with a financial planner shouldn’t feel like going to the dentist (no offense dentists!). It should be easy, comfortable and fun! Below is a flow of exactly what your first meeting with John will be like. No surprises necessary. I want to help you make progress and move forward.


I’m appreciative of your time and glad to speak with you.

Determine Wants & Needs

What do you want and what do you need? That’s what I care about.

Here are a few questions we’ll talk through.
What is your current situation?
What is your biggest financial problem right now?
What experiences have you had in the past?
What did you like most and least about those experiences?
Why are you looking for professional advice?


Based on what you want and need, John will present you with the choices and options you have to solve your problems. Then you choose how you want to proceed.

It’s simple.

If you have a financial issue or problem that you’d like to discuss I make it really simple. Just reach out using my confidential contact form.