How To Create A Financial Plan When You Have No Time

By May 5, 2017Life, Planning, Success

Have you ever heard the old British Army phrase about the 6 P’s?

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

The phrase is as true in your financial life as it is in the army. Would you agree with me that you would make more money, be better set up for the future and achieve greater financial results if you had a plan?

I thought so.

However, one obstacle people have to creating a plan is a lack of time. I get it, I’m the same way. You’re busy and time is money. But time lost is also money on the planning side.

The longer you go without getting your finances right the worse off you are. 

So here are 4 tips to create a financial plan even when you have “no time.”

#1 – Chunk It Out

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Same with your financial plan. Sure there are many aspects to creating a plan but they don’t all need to be done at once. Let’s separate them out.

To create a financial plan for success you’ll need:

  1. A financial planner that you like, trust and can get the job done.
  2. Some goals that you want to achieve.
  3. Specific action steps to achieve those goals.
  4. Tools and help in implementing those actions.

The great thing about chunking things down into smaller pieces is that it is now more manageable and achievable. These things don’t need to be done on the same day or even the same week.

#2 – Use Time Compounding to Get A Lot Done In Less Time

Have you heard of time compounding? Time compounding is the idea of taking the limited time we have and getting more done in the same amount of time.

Here’s an example of time compounding. Say you’re using the 4 chunks I talked about in tip #1. You want to meet a financial planner and see who you like, trust and who can get the job done.

“But I’m busy and have no time!” 

Do you eat lunch? Do you have coffee in the morning?

You get where I’m going here.

You’re already going to stop working and have lunch, why not meet with a planner and compound your time to get more done? Think about this, you not only gain nourishment and energy from your lunch, but you’ve likely talked about your future goals and received some motivation and encouragement from someone who wants to help you get there.

How do you think that afternoon is going to feel?

So the idea here is to get more done in the same amount of time. By using time compounding, you can achieve greater results in the same amount of time.

Work With John 

#3 – Use Someone Else’s Time

It’s great if you are able to put together a financial, savings and investment plan to achieve your goals all on your own. But most people can’t. There is a lot to learn and you’re too busy with your business to have time to learn everything about financial planning.

So use someone else’s time. Here’s my problem/issue/concern, now go solve it.

The awesome thing about using other people’s time is that it costs none of your own and you get all the benefits.

The Bottom Line

You know you’d be better off financially if you had a plan in place and someone to help hold you accountable. You also know you’re busy and have limited time.

Breaking it down into chunks, getting those chunks accomplished while you are doing other things (time compounding) and using someone else’s time will help you have a financial plan in place and be moving towards financial success and freedom.

Best of success,


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