Why The Packers Get An A+ Offseason Grade (and it’s not why you think)

By May 1, 2017Life, Sports

Green and Gold stickers are being passed out this off-season. For a reason different than you might expect.

Football has been a huge part of my life. I play, coach and watch it to this very day. Living in Wisconsin my favorite team is obviously America’s Team — The Green Bay Packers.

When your team does anything less than win the Super Bowl, the off-season becomes hugely important. It’s the time when we “fix” what went wrong last season in hopes of going all the way in the coming year.

Rumblings of discontent with GM Ted Thompson have been percolating like the morning coffee. “He just isn’t willing to make a move!” Is a common phrase that get’s tossed around. Another one is… “Fire Him!” A little dramatic maybe, but muttered nonetheless. All that being said, here is why the Packers (and T.T.) get an A+ this off-season.

They listened to us (the fans).

We (the fans) have been chatting at the breakfast diner, texting to buddies, arguing with the analysts on TV (even though they can’t respond) and possibly tweeting, that what we REALLY NEED to go all the way this year, is a better defense and some running backs to take the pressure of #12. With an average playoff loss since our Super Bowl win (2010) being around 31 points, I think we (the fans) have valid points.

And as if the stars over Lambeau had aligned, we did it.

The people were heard.

Snapchats of celebration were being sent as we picked up a 6’3” CB in Kevin King, versatile S in Josh Jones, a powerful/speedy DT in Montravius Adams and a home-town hero OLB Vince Biegel. Later we added not one, not two, but THREE running backs to compete for the spot next to Ty Montgomery. Not to mention the free agent pickups before the draft even occurred. 

And like the feeling you have after your first round of the Thanksgiving meal. We are satisfied.

For now.

– John 

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