About Vision Wealth Partners

Vision Wealth Partners is a registered investment advisor, offering advisory services in the State of Wisconsin and across the nation in other states through the de Minimis exemption. John D. Weninger founded Vision Wealth Partners in May, 2011. Our mission is to help turn your vision of the future into reality.

The first and most import thing to know is that we act as a fiduciary for our clients. Fiduciary? It’s not a word people hear regularly but it’s incredibly important when it comes to financial and investment advice. It means we are legally obligated to what’s in our clients’ best interest. Check out this awesome video by HighTower below for a simple explanation of what fiduciary means.

We want to make sure you are financially “healthy” and are not afraid to be candid in telling you what needs to be done to achieve the mission!

“Don’t count on motivation; count on discipline. Discipline equals Freedom.”

Jocko Willink


There is no other method to achieve our vision and desires than through discipline. Whether it’s self-discipline to take an action, discipline to a plan or discipline to a process. It is the only path.


“We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Jim Rohn

Through a disciplined process, we can ensure that each client is on the path to success.

Vision Wealth Partners Client Process

  1. Establishing and Defining the Client-Planner Relationship
  2. Gathoring Information Necessary to fulfill the Engagement
  3. Analyzing and Evaluating the Client’s Current Financial Status
  4. Developing Recommendations
  5. Communicating the Recommendations
  6. Implementing the Recommendations
  7. Monitoring the Recommendations

Work With John 

Your Retirement Won’t Fund Itself.

My mission is to help you turn your vision of the future into reality.

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